Our story




Umbrellas and parasols since 1945

Carlo Guidetti’s company was founded in 1945 by Carlo Guidetti, the youngest of the ten sons of Giuseppe, one of the last street umbrella makers of Alto Vergante.

At ten Carlo leaves his family to become apprentice and try his luck. He reaches Novara and after a childwood of struggles gains his freedom and begins to work on his own.

He makes his first umbrellas in a cellar helped by two workers. His production constantly raises until when, in the seventies, a lucky intuition brings him to specialize in promotional items. On this trend the company’s development is faster and faster. Carlo Guidetti’s becomes leader in Italy and Europe in both the production of classic and promotional articles.

Gathering and developing their father’s heritage Carlo’s sons and daughters- Massimo, Cinzia, Valter and Silvia- and the third generation that is now overlooking now manage a company which manufactures 300.000 pcs. between parasols and umbrellas and merchandizes as much a year.

Half of the turnover goes to the foreign markets and above all to: Austria, Germany, France and the Northern countries.

Since many years we offer by the made in Italy line an import one made of good quality items at very competitive prices. We try always to offer the best quality-price ratio.

We merchandize also garden furniture, gazebos and all what is meant for the contract world.

Our customers go from the big department stores chains, to the multinational ice cream and beverage companies, the bars, the hotels and even the small retailers.

This is why we offer a so big range of models made of different cloths printed by high technology systems. We achieve very complicate patterns employing on demand: silk screens, rotary, digital or transfer printing.

We are still a family run company but able to collect and develop the new trends of the market. Our strengths are the long term experience, the liability,  the product care, the fast deliveries and an agile and well organized structure which always and accurately answers his customers’ wishes.

Giuseppe Guidetti